I have been excited to discover the website “Pinterest” and have lost many hours delving into the crafty consciousness of all the people who “pin” their favourite pics and websites. It got me thinking about some of my favourite projects and crafty-type things that I have done over the years. At the prodding of a great friend of mine, I decided to post some of the things we have done that were the most popular with my family. Most things were found online or in a magazine, and a few of these even came out of the recesses of my quirky brain. Based on how addicted I am to the amazing projects on Pinterest, I anticipate a tonne more pictures coming soon…


   Giant Rice Krispie Hamburger

Reindeer Icebox Cookies

Rice Christmas Tree

Strawberry Cheesecake

  Edible Fruit Bouquet

   Barbie Rice Krispie Cake

Christmas Cake Balls


  Soccer ball and Strawberry Shortcake

Bumblebee Costume that Transforms

 Yoda and R2D2


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  1. Charlene Patterson

    I too LOVE Pinterest!!! I agree with you that you can get lost in the depths of that site for hours. I think that with all the amazing costumes you’ve made for your children, the extravagant theme parties you’ve hosted and the delicious recipes you’ve made, your work should be posted on the Pinterest site so others can see and enjoy your talents. I hope that those same people will then get to enjoy your blogs. Most women (especially other mothers) will appreciate your humour, as well as your take on the everyday journey of motherhood! Keep sharing, so that the rest of us can keep enjoying your god-given abilities.

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