Can’t Live If Living is Without You

Do you ever think about the things that you have in your home and use on a daily basis, and wonder if everyone else finds them as imperative as you do? Are they quirky things? I was going to give my bathroom a quick clean today and realized that I had run out of the cleaning wipes…as I pondered the likelihood that my world would come crashing to an end, it got me thinking about some of the other things that I can’t live without.

Clorox Wipes – essential to keeping on top of the bathroom…who has time to do a full cleaning as often as needed. Clorox wipes make it easier.

Gum – between drinking coffee several times a day and chronic migraines that make it tough to brush my teeth sometimes, I cannot live without access to a pack of gum throughout my day.

Popcorn – I am possibly addicted to all kinds of popcorn, cheesy, movie, dill pickle, buttery, spicy….mmm love it!

Large Coffee Mug – if I’m going to have a regular cup of coffee, it might as well be a big one. Plus I use sweetner and if the mug is too small, the coffee ends up being way too sweet.

Multiple Pillows – I have several pillows that I sleep with each night and I love to have the bed covered with decorative pillows.

Books – I think that I have been fairly clear in many posts, just how much I love books.

Flip Flops – Any kind of sandals really but I am partial to my Birkenstock sandals. I wear them all year round as long as I can get to the car with dry toes. I only wear closed shoes when it rains or there is snow on the ground.

Keurig Coffee Maker – if you love flavoured coffee, THIS is the way to go. We even took our Tassimo machine camping last year, this year…Camping with Keurig!

Water – I drink about 5 litres of water a day and I have found that since I started that routine, if I don’t drink enough, I end up feeling dehydrated and my lips are super chapped by the end of the day.

Sunglasses – Even in the winter I find I rely on my shades to keep out the sun. Although experiencing headaches on overcast days means that sunglasses can be necessary to even leave the house sometimes.

Chap Stick – I feel like my lips are on fire without a regular application of some menthol or fruit flavoured chap stick.

Camera – my husband rolls his eyes incessantly when I get out my camera. I think somewhere deep inside, I am worried that if I don’t take photos of everything, I might forget the memories. Regardless of the reason why, I enjoy snapping pics of all the things we say and do.

PVR – I don’t have a  lot of time to watch tv and I am typically busy during regularly scheduled programs. I have found that the PVR machine allows me to spend less time channel surfing when I am free for a little while and allows me to sit down and watch something that I enjoy without commercials whenever I am free, which is usually after 10:oopm.

Elastics – I cannot describe the irritation that I feel when my hair falls in my face constantly. No matter how nicely I can style my hair, there inevitably comes a time when it no longer hangs nicely and must be wrangled into a scrunchie or hair elastic for my peace of mind.

We all have things that we can’t live without on a daily basis…what are your Must-Haves? Don’t be shy…


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  1. Charlene Patterson

    I think your post of essentials makes a lot of sense. I too need my supply of water throughout the day (between iced coffee or my Tossimo brew). I love my lip gloss and hand cream. I have a small squeeze bottle of moisturizer in my purse and by my bed, in the bathroom and by the kitchen sink. I need hair clips for the same reason as you. No matter how happy I am with my hair that morning, I end up stuffing it up and clipped back so it doesn’t drive me batty. I need comfy sleepwear. Nothing worse than anything too heavy or constricting. I need my straightening (flat iron) just to smooth my bangs. Some days I’ll take the time to do my whole head but it’s too much effort. Yet as far as my bangs, there’s nothing worse then them going all curly and in 500 different directions. I need to keep a nail file in my purse and on my nightstand. When a nail snaps and becomes jagged, it seems to snag on everything. I think my list could be far longer but for now those seem to be the things that spring to mind. Thanks for the post, it seems to get me thinking each and every blog.

    1. ha ha I completely forgot about hand cream!!! I might have to make an addendum to the list!!! I forgot about the 2 tubes in my purse, at the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the living room shelf and beside my bed!!

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