Bet You Didn’t Know…

I try to be very open and honest about who I am in person and in my blog…but there are some things that maybe you don’t know about me. So in the interest of full transparency, here are some things that I bet you didn’t know.

My hubby and I had an engagement ceremony where we both exchanged rings, he actually has an engagement band as well.

I always use the SAME stall in a bathroom that I frequent often. I am not OCD but I find that unless it’s occupied, I will always choose the same one.

I can’t stand getting my hair cut…I don’t enjoy having it unkempt or in a perpetual ponytail, but I actually prefer that to having to get my hair cut again, fake contentment with the results so I don’t hurt the stylist’s feelings and then come home, cry, and pull out my basket of scrunchies!

I started writing my first book at 10 years old…still not done….I guess some things never change.

I can’t stomach anything to do with cotton candy or bubblegum. I won’t eat either, don’t like creams or bubble baths of those flavours and I definitely stay away from cotton candy and bubblegum flavoured ice cream.

I often wake up with night terrors…my poor husband has been startled out of a restful sleep more than once by me hitting him or screaming at him to get the spiders before they drop on me! Fortunately this instances seem to be connected to stress in my life and do not occur every night.

I love pie.

My Mother used to buy me strawberry babyfood as a treat once and a while when I was feeling sad or down…crazy I know, but it always made me feel better even as a teenager and into adulthood….once and a while when I really miss my Mom, my hubby shows up with a jar to help me down memory lane…

My fear of earwigs, maggots and pin worms all come from close personal encounters with these disgusting things. I can’t talk about it though, you’ll just have to take me at my word.

Except for the first two chapters; I read the rest of the book “Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix” in one sitting.

I check the mailbox every time I step out my front door, even on the weekends, no matter how many times I have already checked in the previous hours. Every time.

I couldn’t stand the book “The Catcher in the Rye”, I don’t know why it is so well regarded in the world of literature, but it strikes me as a sort of “Emperor’s New Clothes” phenomenon, no one wants to appear uncouth or uneducated, so everyone pretends like it was some literary masterpiece. I found it boring, with a dragging story line and entirely too self indulgent. Sorry, if it’s your favourite book.

Popcorn is the perfect food. Movie popcorn is the Rolls Royce of popcorn.

I think every bank, grocery store, department store and doctors office should be equipped with a ball pit/play centre where we can drop our children off. Imagine a safe, fun environment, with bonded staff, so we can get on with our shopping/business unfettered by our children. I’m just saying that I would spend more money and leave with a much better attitude toward the stores.

I have never successfully done one single chin up in my WHOLE life…even as a kid.

Despite their cult-like following, I did not make it through any of the following movies: The Blair Witch Project, Borat, Interview with a Vampire, American Pie, The Matrix, The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Dazed and Confused. I don’t feel the need to defend this list, if you’ve seen the movies and you know me, you don’t need any explanation.

There…don’t you feel like we know each other just a little bit better?


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  1. Charlene Patterson

    Love your list………….I found it funny that you had about 6 or 7 entries that were in paragraph form, followed by ” I love pie”. That made me laugh out loud!!! No more than those three little words could sum it up any better!!! For the record, I too love a good jar of baby food. Tutti fruity being at the top of the list. Thanks again for sharing. Each time you post your most recent blog, my cell phone alerts me. Inevitably I try to get to my laptop as quickly as possible to read the whole thing on a proper screen. Trying to read it on the tiny screen just doesn’t capture the meaning quite as well. Another blog of yours that brought a smile to my face. Who can’t use an extra smile during their day?

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