The “Angriest” Birthday

This June, my firstborn turned 10 years old! It was a difficult milestone for his mother, without a doubt. I can’t believe how fast the last decade has flown by, where did the time go? I mean, I know that everyone says that..but I am certain that something strange has happened to the space time continuum in our family. Never have I been more anxious to have an encounter with Doctor Who and his TARDIS, than I am this year. What I wouldn’t give to slow down the hands of time, even just a little bit. Or better yet, rewind my son’s life just a bit to ensure that I really have enjoyed every.last.moment to the fullest.

This kid I gave birth to is amazing, truly one of the Lord’s works of art. He is brilliant, handsome, talented, athletic, creative, quirky, energetic and imagitative. He makes me laugh regularly, he makes me cry often and sometimes makes me more frustrated than I could ever have imagined! And yet I wouldn’t change anything about him. I love him so much sometimes I actually feel a little pain inside.

So for his big 1-0 he asked for an Angry Bird birthday party, so that’s what we gave him. Angry Bird Cake, balloons, bobbing for apples, jelly beans, pinball, submarine sandwiches, and a life sized Angry Birds game….and THIS is how it turned out!

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  1. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have a mother like you! Good job!

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